Know Your Comedian – Christoffer Schjelderup

Norwegian #2 at Manala this month is the Godfather of Stand Up in Bergen, Norway, Christoffer Schjelderup. This guy has a career as long as his very long Norwegian arm and we are proud to have him!

You can see Christoffer, Vidar and everyone else at The English Comedy Club in Helsinki on the 10th of March and in Tampere the night, the 11th in Tampere. Get your tickets for Helsinki and Tampere at Tiketti or at the door.

Christoffer is the godfather of Standup in his hometown of Bergen. With dark and hardhitting jokes on every subject from his mom to religion he has provoked, incensed and made crowds laugh hard. He also appeared in the standup special on tv, and made a splash. He is not for the feign of heart, but awesome if you like the darker side of comedy.