Know Your Comedian – Stewart Johnson

This Thursday night one of our special guests is an American who has lived in Estonia for the last 12 years, he is a relative newcommer to comedy but he has quickly developed into a fantastic comic and story tell. Ladies and gentlemen, Stewart Johnson!

Stewart Johnson originally hails from the state of Wisconsin, where they make Harleys, cheese and toothpaste. He wasn’t terribly interested in a career in any of those fields, so he studied nuclear politics in university. Now he dabbles in stand-up comedy, dreams of a lucrative position in the dairy industry and wishes his family were the owners of the famous toothpaste company of the same name. His father drives a Harley.

After having worked as a cashier, teacher, counselor, editor, funk saxophonist and having referred to two state capital buildings as “the office”, Stewart can honestly say his favorite job of all was being a video shop clerk during the early nineties in America’s Deep South, where by law the porno tapes had to be covered by small paper bags, with handwritten titles on the front. He regularly switched these bags around, knowing that unsuspecting customers would not return to complain or ask for the right film.

Stewart has two children with his wife of ten years. One of the children does not look like his wife at all. Maternity tests are pending. He enjoys the outdoors, kayaking, reading, cooking, singing in the car and is a master of the jaw harp. He first arrived in Tartu on the Baltic Express, back when Estonia was still connected to the rest of the world via train. He has studied languages in the local university, has lived in as many countries as half the fingers on each hand combined and has even been forcibly deported from Estonia.

Stewart is performing this Thursday night at our English Comedy Show at Manala, 3rd floor. Show starts at 20:00, get there with plenty of time, tickets 10€/8€