Apollo English Night Feb 16th with AL PITCHER!

This month at Apollo English Night we present a comedian who is a sensation across Scandinavia and is coming to Finland for the very first time, New Zealand’s Al Pitcher!

WHAT: Apollo English Night
WHEN: Feb 16th, 20:00
WHERE: Apollo Helsinki
TICKETS: Lippu or Tiketti

Every day we see things we’ve never seen before, things that strike us as odd or beautiful, and things that we’ve seen so many times we don’t even notice them any more… Not Al Pitcher. His mind is constantly twisting, flipping and distorting what he sees, igniting the mundane, and weaving the events of his day in into a truly unique and hilarious one-off show.

Al has established himself with force few comedians can. His standup is witty, inclusive of everyone and kind. He uses the audience in a twisted and fun way, without being a bully like many other comedians.

Also appearing on the night, Finland’s own Tomi Walamies!

As always your host is Louis Zezeran (AUS)!