Comedy Finland and Suomen Stand Up Club presents: Glenn Wool (CAN) & Steve Hughes (AUS)

Comedy Finland and Soumen Stand Up Club present Glenn Wool (CAN) & Steve Hughes (AUS)

Two of the world’s best cult comedians are coming to Helsinki for one big show in Gloria on September 28th.

Comedy Finland is proud to have the support of Omena Hotels and if you book a ticket for Glenn Wool and Steve Hughes via Lippu then you get a code giving you 10% off a hotel room on 28.9. This is perfect if you want to come to Helsinki to see these fine artists!

Tickets 21€/16€, get in fast as they WILL sell out!! Buy now at Lippu!

Glenn Wool (CAN)

An 18-year veteran of the comedy world, Wool has always been a political stand-up – political in the sense that every facet of life is dissected on the grounds of morality, hypocrisy and common decency. While at home as a denim-clad everyman, he’s deceptively intelligent and unpredictable.

Wool is a superlative storyteller; and lest you think that means a quietly whimsical geek speaking quietly of romanticised yarns, think again. Wool is a big, forthright, Canadian bear of a man with the sort of bold yarns that could be barked out after a gallon of beer in an isolated bikers’ pub. But, to counter that, they are told with a subversive playfulness, a winning dollop of self-deprecation and goggle-eyed incredulity. With his rock-and-roll charisma exerting perfect control, and perfect sense of comic phrasing in his yarns, Wool has a potent combination.

“… a cleverly subversive comedian, because behind his shaggy hangdog looks and his apparently homespun humour lies a sharp intelligence which is slowly and quietly hitting the mark on several of the important issues of the day.” – Bernard Fletcher

“If Like me, you believe that nobody could be much funnier than a cross between Jack Black and Meat Loaf, then you’ll be pleased to learn that such a man exists” The Independent on Sunday

Steve Hughes (AUS)

Remember what the world used to be like before we confused everyone with too many options and made everything so politically correct? Australian born, British-based comedian Steve Hughes certainly does – it feels like he’s been recently revived from a time capsule interred 20 years ago in order to delightfully denigrate various methods of ‘oppression by stealth’ in this marvellous comedy show.

Hughes’ comedy is not forced and he has no gimmicks – what you see is what you get, and if you don’t like it, that’s your choice – a world view defined as “simplified Buddhism” by Hughes himself in this challenging but comfortable show.