Great Show This Week

Thanks to everyone who came to the show this week, we had quite a rowdy bit of fun! This was definitely one of our more memorable shows; the crowd was talkative, rowdy and totally fun. All the comedians did well and our headliner Wouter Meijs kept the crowd laughing their backsides off for 25 minutes.

Phil Schwarzmann opened the show with some great new jokes

Tomi Walamies dropped by for 5 minutes and as always, he brought the jokes with him. I love this dude.

Ali comes from Iran and has lived in Finland for many many years. He gave us a terror attack of stories and jokes so great even wikileaks is scared of this guy.

Stewart Johnson punned the crowd over a warm flame and got them ready for the headliner, Wouter. He is a tall Dutch guy and his comedy is as weird and different as you can imagine. Add to the mix he is a nice guy too, it was a pleasure to hang out with him for 3 days.

Next show is January 13th with Ben Kersley from England and crowd favourite from 2009 “The” Joe Eagan from Canada, tickets on sale soon!