Know Your Comedian – Alistair Logan

Alistair Logan was born in Canada. The youngest child of five he had to grow up fast in the harsh realities of the Toronto suburbs. He then moved to Calgary where he learned of this fellow called Matti Nykänen and somehow deep inside he knew he was destined to live in Finland. Leaving Canada after he came to the honest conclusion that he could not ski jump, he decided to peruse an acting career in London.


He burst onto the Edinburgh Fringe Festival with his first play “Spiritual Nuggets”, and soon after married a Fin, moved to Turku, and has worked as a writer, actor, director in English and Finnish ever since. He has also been known to teach English as well. He has just recently been working as a stand-up comedian and is very excited about the whole thing!

See Alistar at English Comedy Club in Turku on March 17th at Monk. Get your tickets at Tiketti, they are only 10€/8e!