Know Your Comedian – Aron Flam

For our super special second show at Manala this month we have Swede Aron Flam as the headliner!

There are many comedians who try to seem cynical and hard. Aaron is cynical and hard for real. There are too many comedians who try to be funny. Aaron is funny for real.Moreover, he is sharp and well-read and it might just be why the audience squirm with laughter again and again despite his often uncomfortable subject matter and sullen appearance.

Stand up is usually associated with cheap laughs at even cheaper points. Aron Flam performs challenging comedy that does not shy away from tackling difficult subjects such as anxiety, identity, philosophy, history and politics. Aron Flam thinks the hardest thing in life are the ones we should laugh about – because the alternative is to cry.

Check out Aron’s video below and don’t forget to get you ticket early at Tiketti