Know Your Comedian – Danny Robins

This month at the English Comedy Club in Turku we have a very special headliner, Danny Robins. He is a comedian, a BBC TV and Radio personality and also a host on “The Travel Channel”. Danny couldn’t wait but come to Tallinn now it is the capital of culture and we will have him on the stage at Club Prive this month. However, Danny isn’t quite himself on the stage, he is his alter ego “DJ Danny”

See DJ Danny at English Comedy Club in Turku on March 17th at Monk. Get your tickets at Tiketti, they are only 10€/8e!

DJ Danny is the comic creation of comedian, presenter and writer Danny Robins. Frustrated schoolteacher by day and wannabe DJ by night, DJ Danny is on a mission to quit his day job and achieve global superstar status. The only trouble is he can’t escape the fact that he is a nerdy English teacher more down with Shakespeare than shaking his booty, so his mixes are as likely to feature a bit of poetry as the latest Hip Hop tunes.


DJ Danny started life on BBC Radio 1’s comedy show The Milk Run and went on to appear in two sell out Edinburgh Festival shows, the first of which was recorded and broadcast on Radio 1 and the second, DJ Danny: Music Therapy, inspired a Radio 4 series. In 2010, he did a short run at the Edinburgh Fringe and 3 nights at London’s Roundhouse Studio Theatre.


DJ Danny is inspired by the real Danny’s own DJ experiences running club nights in London and realising how ridiculous it was for a grown man to be hailed as talented for simply playing other people’s records.