Know Your Comedian – Eric Seufert

Eric Seufert is the man from Texas who is my partner is running the comedy shows just across the water, Comedy Estonia. He is a very funny guy and its great to here how he compares life at home to life in the frigid north.

Eric Seufert first arrived in Estonia in 2009 to conduct graduate research and stayed because his feet literally froze to the ground. Having performed stand-up for two years to empty bars across Austin, Texas, Eric is no stranger to the barren, haunting silence of the Estonian countryside. Eric performs frequently with Comedy Estonia in Tartu and Tallinn and has made appearances across Scandinavia. Eric has studied long-form improv comedy at the Coldtowne Theater (Austin, Texas) and with the Upright Citizens Brigade theater (New York).

See Eric in Helsinki this week on Thursday! Tickets on sale from Tiketti!