Know Your Comedian – Nigel Williams

This month in Turku we will have Nigel Williams, English but long time resident of Belgium

Belgiums ‘no holds barred’ comedian. If you like your comedy a bit rough around the edges ,you’re gonna love this guy. Nigels act is full of energy and healthy misanthropic rants, lots of improvisation and audience participation guaranteed. ‘Like a long distance sprint of laughs with no final destination’.

He was born in Bristol UK and left school at 15, worked as factory worker/ union organiser and barkeeper before taking up stand-up comedy. His first show was called ‘The Penis Monologue’ most recent show is called ‘Believe me!!’ (about religion and other fables). Nigel has won the prestigious Belgian Humos Comedy Cup in 2000 and since then has twice been voted Comedian of the year.

He has performed in Holland, England, Scotland more recently Denmark and Sweden and is best known in Belgium for the political and social content of his humor.

Check our Nigel and dont forget to get your tickets at Tiketti