Apollo Live Stand Up Club in Helsinki – English Night

Comedy Finland is proud to be partnering with Sam’s Comedy Club to produce a big new English show each month in Helsinki. This will be an international show with only the best comedians, presented in a fabulous venue!

WHAT: Apollo Stand Up Club Helsinki – English Night
WHEN: 20th October 2011
WHERE: Apollo, Helsinki
TICKETS: Lippu: 16€/13€ at Lippu


Ava Vidal (UK)

Ava Vidal’s measured, deadpan delivery is no accident; she, it seems, follows the old adage famously adopted by Teddy Roosevelt: ‘Speak softly and carry a big stick.’ Ava is a deeply personal comedian sharing tales of being a single mum and working as a prison guard. Her timing is brilliant in talking about topics which other comedians shy away from, every every insulting remark is delivered with a tight and hilarious punchline

“thoughtful and thought-provoking”

“In a scene dominated mainly by unthreatening feel-good comedy, it’s refreshing to see evidence that stand-up still has teeth.”

André Wickström (FIN)

There is precious little we need to add to introduce the legend of Finnish comedian, André Wickström! He is a brilliant performer in Finnish and Swedish and his English gigs have been tearing down the house.

Evin Donohoe (AUS), one of Australia’s hottest young comedians
Phil Schwarzmann (USA), author of “How to Marry A Finnish Girl

Hosted by Louis Zezeran (AUS)