Know Your Comedian – Ben Kersley

This Thursday our headliner is a UK comedian who settled in the land of ABBA, Volvo and Finnish superiority, Sweden!

Ben Kersley

 Ben Kersley, writer, comedian and bon vivant grew up in Birmingham, England, studied Drama at Bristol and struggled as an actor/comedian in London for many years. The highlight of his career in London was playing the part of The Honey Monster in commercials for Sugar Puffs (as well as playing a couple of other characters for The Jim Henson Company).

He has been doing comedy for a number of years including a short lived BBC Radio 4 series called ‘2000 years of Radio’ and touring comedy with shows such as ‘A Stroke Of Midnight’ and ‘Dickie Banana’ – The story of a mass murdering Music Hall entertainer who maims and entertains his way to stardom. He has fallen over professionally as a window cleaner in the children’s show BRUM.

In 2006, Ben moved to Linköping in Sweden, where he began performing stand up in both English and Swedish. Since then, he has started a comedy club, brought over big names from the UK and toured with his own one man show.

See Ben and the whole show this Thursday the 13th of January at Manala, Helsinki. Presales tickets are available from Tiketti