Know Your Comedian – Keiu Kriit

This month at the English Comedy Club we have our second Estonian comedian on the stage. What the eff is going on down there? A SECOND Estonian comedian? Surely all they can do are jokes about selling booze right? If you are lucky she will have Vodka samples for everyone.


Keiu is a big fan of British stand-up and when she happened to see a stand-up comedy show in Estonia in spring of 2010, she never missed another chance to laugh at those crazy foreigners. Possibly a little creeped out by that, the guys saw they couldn’t shake her, so they put a mic in her hand instead.
Her upbringing in the soviet 80s has granted her exceptionally high levels of sarcasm, even for an Estonian, which she has only recently realized do not have to be used all the effin time. She has since decided to put her talents to good use to make other people laugh with her. Or at least at her. Or possibly even at themselves
See Keiu and the whole show this Thursday the 13th of January at Manala, Helsinki. Presales tickets are available from Tiketti